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Captivating topics that have motivated leaders around the globe.


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Remote and in-person content that is engaging and thought-provoking.


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Let our team of experts work with yours to grow your brand and your revenue.


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Strategy and resources to increase the impact of your advocacy.

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You Can Bring the Finding Your Seven Strategy to Your Organization

Our strategic consulting, training, speaking, and coaching is flexible to ensure that organizations of any size can participate. Select one of our tailored options or contact us to create a Strategic Plan that works best for you.

Coaching Sessions

These one-hour sessions will be completed regularly via video conference with you or a designated team member. Schedule a single session or work on a comprehensive strategy with monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly sessions.

**Currently booking for remainder of 2021. Please note that space is extremely limited.

Group Training

Engage your clients or colleagues by hosting your own Finding Your 7 training conducted by Shawna Vercher. Focus on one of the seven pillars with a workshop or host a half-day or full-day retreat that gifts your audience with the entire Finding Your 7 framework on one of our areas of expertise.

Consulting &

Ideal for customized trainings, in-depth strategy development, and situation management, the daily rates provide an ability for your organization to leverage our team as needed without a commitment for future retainers. (Travel not included.)

Elite Consulting

Our core team has worked behind the scenes and orchestrating national headlines with some of the top brands, celebrities, politicians, and non-profit groups in the country and we have additional experts that we utilize in various parts of the globe as needed.

Specific rates for consulting services will be based on the following:

Scope of services
Resources needed
Equipment, software, or other external costs necessary
Internal resources provided by your organization (i.e. a social media manager)
Urgency of services needed in relation to the press cycle or related events

Whether you just need us as a sounding board to build a plan with your existing team, you need us to temporarily become a part of your operation until the mission is executed, or you don’t even know where to start, the first step is to call.

Topics and Subject Areas

Here are some of the most popular topics and subject areas requested by our clients.

Finding Your 7:
Movement Building

For advocacy groups, non-profit organizations, and socially conscious corporations, this course utilizes modern examples and real world circumstances to illustrate how to avoid the most common pitfalls of community leadership.

Learn the framework to increase the impact you have on public policy, amplify public awareness, and ultimately gain more political power at the table for the issues you are passionate about.

Finding Your 7:
Growing Your Organization Thru Fundraising

Develop the foundation necessary to attract community leaders, donors, volunteers, and future stakeholders. Understand how to set yourself up for success beginning with incorporating your mission statement and brand.

Learn how to build a PR / marketing campaign to generate positive press about your project. Become more confident and effective at “the ask” for contributions. And create a fundraising plan that results in more than enthusiasm for your cause.

Finding Your 7:
Personal Fulfillment

As seen on Shawna’s TED Talk!

Wellness that meets you where you are. Understand the seven pillars framework, and how to apply it, to make meaningful decisions to manage anxiety and build a life of purpose. Structured training sessions or half day virtual retreats available.

Finding Your Own Fearless Voice

When Shawna’s own tragedy was splashed across the national headlines she was losing her business, her family, and was in danger of losing herself in the chaos. Hear the sensational story of her captivating scandal and how she transformed from victim to a global advocacy champion.

Understanding the Rise of Political Hate Speech

Leveraging the framework of Finding Your 7 for Building a Movement, this unique topic illustrates precisely which elements led to the successful rise of Hate Speech, why it began to decline, and exactly what we must do to eradicate it.

A critical discussion that every inclusive company and community organization should have, this compelling course sheds a light on background events leading up to his election and provides a hopeful perspective on the strength and beauty of people around the world rising to meet our recent challenges.

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