Reine Media™ is a social justice production and media company headquartered in Florida with team members and partnering organizations throughout the United States.

We leverage our background in political organizing, media strategy, technology, and government affairs to improve communities in over a dozen additional countries worldwide.

We collaborate with community leaders, subject matter experts, elected officials, and local citizens to help identify important social justice issues and then create and distribute media to help lead to positive meaningful impact.

Before we ever write a piece or begin filming a segment we ask ourselves what message we want to send and how it will help make people’s lives better.

Audience and Influence

Global Reach

Areas of Focus

Voter Advocacy & Engagement

We work to educate and inspire voters about the power of their voice. Using common values and positive messaging, we improve outreach and persuade people to get more involved in their communities and their government.

Wellness &
Mental Health

We empower people to build a more fulfilling life by providing access to resources, experts, and care. Our focus includes addressing the current gap in quality medical care available to communities of color.

Social Justice in the Cannabis Community

Working with community leaders and industry experts, we leverage storytelling to change policies and preconceptions about the cannabis industry with a focus on social justice issues.

NEW RELEASE: Get the Limited Edition of
A Fearless Voice

The critically-acclaimed book that had the nation talking is now available with the 2021 Reine Media Advocacy Release!

By the time Shawna Presley Vercher learned about the violent and deceptive past of one of her clients it was too late. She and her small business were swept up in a scandal that captured national media headlines and caught the attention of the United States Attorney and the FBI. Fighting to protect her family and save her company, Shawna soon found that her biggest obstacle would be a broken justice system wrought with dysfunction and corruption.

Follow Shawna’s exhilarating journey as she transforms from victim to champion. You will grieve the heartbreaking betrayals, laugh aloud at her wry humor, and applaud her moments of triumph.

This sensational story is heralded by social justice advocates as a must-read insight into the tragedies impacting countless others. Find out why this gripping saga is enthralling readers across the country and prepare to be inspired to raise your own fearless voice.

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Shawna Vercher Attends CBA Globe Awards in Miami

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