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Reine Media™ is a social justice production and media company headquartered in Tampa, Florida and New York City, with team members and partnering organizations throughout the United States including Washington, D.C.

We leverage our background in political organizing, media strategy, technology, and government affairs for storytelling content that includes television series, documentaries, books, articles, and viral online content. To date we have reached an audience of tens of millions in an effort to improve communities in over thirty states and in more than a dozen countries worldwide.

We collaborate with community leaders, subject matter experts, elected officials, and local citizens to help identify important social justice issues and then create and distribute media to help lead to positive meaningful impact.

Before we ever write a piece or begin filming a segment we ask ourselves what message we want to send and how it will help make people’s lives better.

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Shawna Presley Vercher is The Political Fixer

The Political Fixer

A new television series that provides an up close look at the orchestration of politics.

People inherently know that politics is “not real”, but the dramatic and fast-paced reality of how this multi-billion dollar industry works has largely been kept a secret until now. Host Shawna Presley Vercher opens the curtain and lets viewers enter the world where power is the only currency that matters.


Our National Initiative to Help Elevate and Amplify Candidates and Organizations with Shared Values

Connecting people to campaigns and causes to support. Creating informative content to get voters more engaged. Helping the candidates run a stronger race. These are just a few ways the Fearless Vote multi-media platform is stepping up to join in the fight to save our Democracy.

Shawna Presley Vercher is The Political Fixer

Florida Frame-Up: The Michael Morgan Story

A docuseries revealing the remarkable and true story of Florida corruption and injustice at the highest levels of power.

Michael was only eighteen years old and riding his bike home from school when a chance encounter in his Florida neighborhood would alter the course of his entire future. Follow one mother’s quest to free her son from prison after he was arrested for a crime he did not commit.

Cannabis Empire

Gain an inside look at the innovation and ingenuity behind the scenes of one of the world’s most fascinating and lucrative industries.

From remote farms to charming bakeries, this documentary reveals the business, political, scientific, historical, and social justice challenges facing the leaders shaping the new era of marijuana.

A Fearless Voice - the chart-topping book by Shawna Presley Vercher


Read the chart-topping book that has the entire nation talking.

By the time Shawna learned about the violent and deceptive past of one of her clients, it was too late. Find out why this gripping saga is enthralling readers around the globe and prepare to be inspired to raise your own fearless voice.



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