Join host Shawna Vercher in the new Fearless Voice unscripted series where she and her team work with Key Influencers to tackle Social Justice issues around the globe!

Shawna Filming on Set

Now is the Time to Get Involved

We are currently in production on the Fearless Voice ™ unscripted series, airing nationwide in 2021!

Our episodes will chronicle the challenges organizations and individuals face as they seek to make a positive difference in the areas of voter engagement, wellness access, and cannabis criminal justice reform.

Join Shawna Vercher and the Fearless Voice team as they work with community leaders, advocates, experts, legislators, celebrities and other key influencers to create meaningful and positive change.

The stories will range from those that have captured national headlines to those that need to raise awareness. Each episode provides a unique opportunity for sponsors to both elevate a brand and support a worthy social justice initiative.

Whether you are looking to appear on camera, you want to have us film on your location, or you want to feature your product on screen, there are limited opportunities to reach our audience through this groundbreaking television initiative.

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You Can Become an Important Part of Our Television Series

Our initiative is made possible thanks to donors and sponsors who want to reach our audience by being featured in content and on channels that they can be proud to support. As a sponsor you will be able to leverage our network of magazines, online channels, streaming platforms, and social outreach to increase your visibility and customer loyalty.


  • Your logo on the Reine Media channel website of your choice (Voter Engagement, Cannabis Social Justice, or Wellness Access).
  • A press release announcing your involvement created by our publicity team.
  • Multiple social media mentions on a variety of platforms.
  • A profile article written about your organization or brand included in our online magazine.

Signature Sponsor

Signature Sponsors receive all of the benefits of Supporters PLUS:

An on-camera interview with our Executive Producer that will appear on one of our Reine Media channels (Voter Engagement, Cannabis Social Justice, or Wellness Access).

Premiere Sponsor

In addition to the benefits of our Signature Sponsors, Premiere Sponsors will have their brand or logo included prominently in one of our instructional or animated videos which we distribute on multiple platforms and outlets worldwide.

Including Your Brand or Product in the Series

All of the following sponsors will receive the benefits provided to Premiere Sponsors in addition to their inclusion in the unscripted series. Specific placement and inclusion is extremely limited and must be approved by the Production Team.

Promotional Sponsor

Your product will be featured in use and/or prominently on screen during an episode of the series. Specific placement to be determined based on the product and the subject matter of the episode.

Featured Cast Member

You or a colleague will be interviewed or similarly featured as an expert or character within one of the episodes. Inclusion in the episode will be based on availability and subject matter and these opportunities will vary based on the narrative and location of the episode.


Receive an industry production credit to appear prominently on screen and in the official credits for the episode to be submitted to industry organizations such as IMDB**. This exclusive level of sponsorship will be limited to no more than three individuals or organizations per episode.

**Please note that IMDB Credit information will be submitted to the official organization but requires their final authorization for publication.

Reach Out Today

Send us an email or call us at 202-996-0155.